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Developing Tactical Power Requirements for Net Zero Initiatives

For the Military, access to reliable electricity is one of the only limiting factors in projecting power. From installations to the individual Warfighter, a Net Zero solution that eliminates several key concerns that plague the Military. By eliminating concerns such as local power grid disruptions and additional Warfighter weight limits, a level of freedom of movement is restored to the Military in its ability to close with and destroy the enemy.

Tactical Power 2016 is designed to help the stakeholders across the DoD achieve the next level of understanding in Military tactical power and renewable energy initiatives. We will examine and explore critical focus areas such as soldier worn tactical power, next generation power sources, the new Army ES2 policy, and overviews of each branches policy initiatives– all in effort to encourage an innovative and productive discussion on how industry can better support the Military.

Don’t miss the opportunity to understand and support the current and future requirements of our tactical power stakeholders as they commit to the continuous improvement of tactical power systems and renewable energy products.

What are the Benefits of Attending?


NEW! Attend our Interactive Workshop Day


NEW! Learn about Emerging Technologies Supporting the Net Zero Warfighte


NEW! Hear from Experts on the Army ES2 Program


NEW! Discuss the Newest Advancements in Wearable Renewable Energy Technologies


NEW! Join our Technology Demonstration to experience the most innovative solutions available


Hear about the newest advances in deployable power systems


Gain access to three days of content from some of the most experienced tactical power stakeholders in community today


Hear first hand about the future of energy policies of all the Military Services


Collaborate with peers and colleagues about the future of the industry and how the price/barrel will affected the future of the oil and gas industry as well as the DOF industry


Deep Dive into the Military Organizations tasked with tactical power initiatives


Learn about upcoming requirements and initiatives to support the Military as it approaches a Net Zero solution

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