23-25 January, 2017
Sheraton Pentagon City, Arlington, VA

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Here is some of the most popular content from the last event including Powering The Future Soldier. Interview with Don Juhasz on Future Energy and Power Reliability and Energy Security Presentation.

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Powering the Future Soldier

Has it ever looked so cool or been this easy to potentially never run out of power? I think not. See what the engineers from the Command, Power and Integration Directorate (CP&I), an element of the U.S. Army, has in store for our future soldiers such as; Renewable energy that can be gathered just by moving, vehicle seats that can wirelessly charge your devices, and batteries so thin they conform to your body.

Breakthroughs in Energy-Storage Technology

At ARPA-E there have been several breakthroughs in energy-storage technology that could transform the electrical grid. We spoke with the Senior Commercialization Advisor, Ryan Umstattd, PhD, about this, and the future of energy-storage as well as how current projects and new technologies could be implemented into the military.

CERDEC On Energy Storage Solutions

Mr. Jose Collazo is a Chemical Engineer at the Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC). He discusses with us some of the solutions that CERDEC is pioneering under the Advanced Integrated Soldier Power (AISP) and Energy Informed Operations Science Technology Objective. Mr. Collazo also explains what he believe is the best option in reducing energy demand and logistics operations.

Autonomous Sea Power

Case Study of Communication and Power Supply Solution for AUV Recharge and Communication Station Using Wave Energy Converter Technology.

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Future Energy Concerns and Solutions - Interview with Don Juhasz

This exclusive interview with Don Juhasz, Director, Director Energy Resource Management, Defense Logistics Agency, previews his speaking session at the upcoming Tactical Power Summit and will uncover; Some of the energy solution challenges facing the DoD and other government agencies, programs that will help reduce the energy intensity for the DLA, tactical power technology.

Saving Lives through the Logistics of Energy Supply

DLA's mission is to support the services with the energy products necessary to conduct their missions whether training or combat. Many renewable and fuel alternatives are being implemented where possible to reduce the energy intensity baseline, but there are instances where a higher cost is paid to ensure the safety of our soldiers. Don Juhasz of the Defense Logistics Agency explains

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Safe Electrolyte Solvents: Flash Point Analysis of New Silicon-Based Solvents for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Trevor Dzwiniel, Principle Process R&D Chemist at Argonne National Laboratory, speaks about the importance of safe batteries for the military, and why they need advanced energy storage as well as high flash point solvents, current technologies, and new organosilane solvents.

Energy Logistics Limitations and Options

Charles Don Juhasz, Director of Energy & Resource Management at the Defense Logistics Agency, discusses the scope of DLA customer support, what has been implemented what is yet to be implemented in power reliability and energy security to reduce exposure to terrorist activities. As well as touching on enhancing the supply chain to improve energy efficiency.

Thermoelectrics Converting Otherwise Wasted Heat Energy into Electrical Energy

Patrick Taylor, Physicist at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, presents on thermoelectric power generation, improving fuel utilization on vehicles such as the Shadow UAV and M1 as well as energy scavanging and how opportunities are everywhere.

Power Reliability and Energy Security

Don Juhasz, P.E. CEM Energy Resource Mgmt at the Defense Logistics Agency, presents on full spectrum global support, scope of DLA customer support. Also addressing concerns for power reliability and energy security to reduce exposure to terrorist activities, and enhancing the supply chain to improve energy efficiency.

Utilizing Smart Micro-Grids to Streamline Energy Production, Distribution, and Usage

Dr. Ashok Kumar & Tom Bozada, both Project Managers at the US Army Engineer R&D Center (ERDC), discuss the working definition for tactical microgrid, Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS), and results after 60 days of implementing the AMMPS, the Tactical Microgrid Standards Consortium (TMSC), creating interoperability between devices, and more!


Army power, energy research moves forward

Here's a link to the online version of the Army Technology Magazine - which focuses on Power: http://htl.li/scYIm

Looking for Energy Savings: In the Field, in the Air and at Sea

The Pentagon has determined energy is a national security issue and since releasing its Operational Energy Strategy in 2011, it has been striving to reduce energy use at military bases here and overseas through energy efficient equipment and alternative energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines - Find out what else the Pentagon is doing to increase energy savings here 

Photo Credit - The U.S. Air Force, the largest consumer of petroleum-based fuel in the military, saved $1.5 billion in energy costs in 2012. Credit: Air Force photo by Tech Sgt. Thomas J. Sobczyk