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29 - 31 January, 2018
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria , VA

Colonel Colonel Brian Magnuson

Director, Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office (E2O)
United States Marine Corps

COL Magnuson overseas the Marine Expeditionary Energy Office whose primary mission is the following: By 2025, we will deploy Marine Expeditionary Forces that can maneuver from the sea and sustain C4I and life support systems in place; the only liquid fuel needed will be for mobility systems which will be more efficient
than systems are today. To be the premier self-sufficient expeditionary force, instilled with a warrior ethos that equates the efficient use of vital resources with increased combat effectiveness. To change the way the Marine Corps employs
energy and resources to increase combat effectiveness and reduce our need for logistics support.

3:30 PM Identifying and reducing energy risks in US Marine expeditionary missions

- Reducing energy waste
- Protecting energy micro-grids
- Using training and enhanced operations to increase energy efficiency 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Colonel Brian.

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